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优惠配套 | IPluz® Steam Eye Mask
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  • 修复眼部肌肤 Repair eye skin
  • 缓解酸涩疲劳 Relieve acidity and fatigue
  • 快速提神醒脑 Refreshing quickly


IPluz® Blueberry Steam Eye Mask 蓝莓蒸汽热敷眼罩



✔ 蒸汽热敷 Steam hot compress     ✔ 纤薄透气 Slim and breathable     ✔ 温润双眸 Warm eyes

✔ 舒缓放松 Soothes and relaxes     ✔ 安心舒眠 Sleep comfortably     ✔ 蓝莓精华 Blueberry essence



生活中你是否也用眼过度?Do you overuse your eyes in your life?

导致眼部疲劳、失眠、黑眼圈、眼袋接踵而来... Cause eye fatigue, insomnia, dark circles, eye bags...


蓝莓蒸汽热敷眼罩 解决您的眼部肌肤问题


六大功能 6 Main Benefits:


✔ 缓解眼睛疲劳 Relieve eye fatigue

✔ 滋润眼周肌肤 Moisturize the skin around the eyes

✔ 促进眼部血液循环 Promote blood circulation in the eyes

✔ 淡化黑眼圈、眼袋 Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

✔ 清洁美妆残留 Clean beauty residue

✔ 安神助眠 Help you relax and sleep


什么是蒸汽眼罩?What is a steam eye mask?


IPluz®蒸汽眼罩与市面上其他蒸汽眼罩有何不同之处?How is the IPluz® steam eye mask different from other steam eye masks on the market?

实际测试 Practical Testing


产品材质 Material:



Cotton Non-women Fabrics, Activated Carbon, Iron Powder, Vermiculite, Plant Essential Oils, Water


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常见问题解答 Frequently Asked Questions:



谁不适合使用 Who is not suitable for use?


• 皮肤过敏者,对铁粉过敏者 People who has skin allegic reaction and who is allegic to iron powder

• 婴幼儿,孕妇 Infant and pregnant woman

• 眼睛患有眼疾及眼部周围有损伤或肿胀者 Patients with eye diseases and injuries or swelling around eyes

What's in the box
  • 优惠配套包含3盒,1盒包装存有5片 (蓝莓香氛)
  • Preferential package contains 3 boxes, 5 pieces/box (blueberry fragrance)