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优惠配套 | Intensive Hair Mist (x3)
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  • 滋润发质 Moisturize hair
  • 提亮 Brighten
  • 除臭 Deodorize
  • 保护发质 Protect hair
  • 持久香味 Long lasting fragrance

heart请备注要哪种香味, 可以混合~ Please remark which fragrance you want, can mix.



FBT Intensive Hair Mist 头发香水喷雾

香味 fragrance: 1. Miss Dior 2. Chanel Coco

√ 滋润护发 Moisturizing hair care  √ 提亮秀发Brighten hair

√ 免洗去油 No-wash&remove oil  √ 持久香气 Long lasting fragrance



使用时机 When to use?




Perfume​ is not only a good foil, but also can bring you a confident charm.


What's in the box
  • 两种香味选择:1. Miss Dior 2. Chanel Coco 
  • Two fragrance options: 1. Miss Dior 2. Chanel Coco
  • 优惠配套包含3瓶,1瓶 50ml
  • Preferential package includes 3 bottles, 1 bottle of 50ml