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IPluz® Steam Eye Mask
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  • 修复眼部肌肤 Repair eye skin
  • 缓解酸涩疲劳 Relieve acidity and fatigue
  • 快速提神醒脑 Refreshing quickly


IPluz® Blueberry Steam Eye Mask 蓝莓蒸汽热敷眼罩



✔ 蒸汽热敷 Steam hot compress     ✔ 纤薄透气 Slim and breathable     ✔ 温润双眸 Warm eyes

✔ 舒缓放松 Soothes and relaxes     ✔ 安心舒眠 Sleep comfortably     ✔ 蓝莓精华 Blueberry essence



生活中你是否也用眼过度?Do you overuse your eyes in your life?

导致眼部疲劳、失眠、黑眼圈、眼袋接踵而来... Cause eye fatigue, insomnia, dark circles, eye bags...


蓝莓蒸汽热敷眼罩 解决您的眼部肌肤问题


六大功能 6 Main Benefits:


 缓解眼睛疲劳 Relieve eye fatigue

 滋润眼周肌肤 Moisturize the skin around the eyes

 促进眼部血液循环 Promote blood circulation in the eyes

 淡化黑眼圈、眼袋 Reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

 清洁美妆残留 Clean beauty residue

 安神助眠 Help you relax and sleep


什么是蒸汽眼罩?What is a steam eye mask?


IPluz®蒸汽眼罩与市面上其他蒸汽眼罩有何不同之处?How is the IPluz® steam eye mask different from other steam eye masks on the market?

实际测试 Practical Testing


产品材质 Material:



Cotton Non-women Fabrics, Activated Carbon, Iron Powder, Vermiculite, Plant Essential Oils, Water


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常见问题解答 Frequently Asked Questions:



谁不适合使用 Who is not suitable for use?


• 皮肤过敏者,对铁粉过敏者 People who has skin allegic reaction and who is allegic to iron powder

• 婴幼儿,孕妇 Infant and pregnant woman

• 眼睛患有眼疾及眼部周围有损伤或肿胀者 Patients with eye diseases and injuries or swelling around eyes

What's in the box
  • 一盒包装存有5片眼贴 (蓝莓香氛)
  • A box of 5 eye patches (blueberry fragrance)