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优惠配套 | VictoriaDx® Probiotic Fiber Beverage (x2)
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  • 清肠排毒 Colon detox & cleanse
  • 肠道健康 Bowel health
  • 保护肝脏 Liver protecting
  • 燃脂塑身 Burn fats & slimming
  • 控制三高 Regulate 3 highs


VictoriaDx® Probiotic Fiber Beverage 益生菌纤维饮料 

瘦身 Slimming • 护肝 Liver Protecting • 排毒 Detoxification

► 天然健康 Natural and healthy     ► 植物萃取 Plant extracts     ► 安全有效 Safe and effective 

► 无副作用 No side effects     ► 多种功能 Multi functional     ► 独特调配 Unique formulation



天然营养成分 Natural Ingredients:



Psyllium husk powder, Soluble fiber, Apple powder, Barley grass powder, Probiotic (Bifidobacterium), Fructo-oligosaccharide, Milk thistle, Dandelion extract, Corn peptide, Garcinia, Cambogia, White kidney bean, Bitter Melon peptide, Vitamin C


五大功能 5 Main Benefits:


1. 清肠排毒 Colon detox & cleanse

√ 清除肠道宿便 Clear intestinal bowel

√ 减少体内毒素Reduce toxins in the body

2. 肠道健康 Bowel health

√ 促进益生菌生长、改善肠道免疫 Promote the growth of probiotics, Improve intestinal immunity

√ 减少胃肠道炎症和食物过敏症状 Reduce gastrointestinal inflammation and food allergy symptoms

3. 保护肝脏 Liver protecting

√ 促进酒精的代谢和排出Promote the metabolism and discharge of alcohol

√ 帮助肝脏解毒 Help the liver detoxify

√ 改善脂肪肝、肝炎、酒精性肝功能障碍 Improve fatty liver, hepatitis, alcoholic liver dysfunction

4. 燃脂塑身 Burn fats & slimming

√ 幫助消化分解脂肪 help digestion and break down fat

√ 提高新陈代谢率 Increase metabolic rate and blood circulation

√ 抑制食欲、减少热量摄取 Suppress appetite, reduce calorie intake

5. 控制三高 Regulate 3 highs

√ 降低血压和胆固醇水平 Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

√ 改善血糖和胰岛素敏感性 Improves blood sugar and insulin sensitivity



服用指示Consume Direction:


• 将一包倒入 120 毫升冷 温饮用水中 , 搅拌均匀后服用 Pour a packet into 120 ml of cold / warm drinking water, mix well and drink

• 每日一至两包 One to two packs per day

• 纤维会吸收肠道水分,服用后请适量补充水分 Fibre will absorb intestinal water, please add some water after taking

• 建议晚餐后服用,抑制食欲同时促进排毒,通常隔天早上会有便意 It is recommended to take it after dinner to suppress appetite and promote detoxification. Usually it will be fine the next morning.


谁适合服用?Who is suitable?


• 小孩到老人 Children to the elderly

• 素食者 Vegetarian

• 纤维摄取不足 Insufficient fiber intake

• 便秘 、 肠胃不适者 Constipation, stomach upset

• 消化不良者 Indigestion

• 长痘、面部暗黄、黑斑 Acne, dark yellow face, dark spots

• 其他肠道疾病患者 Other patients with intestinal diseases

• 三高者Three high

• 肝脏问题如:脂肪肝、非酒精性脂肪性肝炎、酒精性脂肪性肝炎 Liver problems such as oil packed liver, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, alcoholic steatohepatitis

• 想减肥、控制体重者 Want to lose weight, control weight

• 免疫力差 Poor immunity


谁不适合服用?Who is not suitable for taking?


• 怀孕&哺乳妈妈 Pregnancy & Breastfeeding mother.

(若想服用建议先询问医生If you want to take it, it is recommended to ask a doctor)

What's in the box
  • 优惠配套包含2盒,1盒包装存有15小包,每包10克
  • Preferential package contains 2 boxes, 1 box contains 15 sachets, 10g/sachet